Improves sensitivity

Works the best for controlling blood sugar. Makes cells more sensitive to insulin.

works well

My husband is a type 2 diabetic and we can't afford one of the meds he is supposed to take along with his Glucophage. I was desperate but have always used supplements and thought I'd give this a try. I am so glad I did. I can afford this and in conjunction with Glucophage keeps his blood sugar within the parameter it's supposed to be in. The big thing is to monitor the sugar levels, both before starting AND after.

Home test validates product works

Home sugar tests pre-using this product was typically 125-140. (Test strip normal range 100-140, which i suspect is the goal range for diebetics). My lab blood test are typically around 120, which is elevated. After using this product my home test have dropped to 98. I suspect lab blood test will show similar improvements. I believe this product works.

I wish it cost less =(

The product works, that's for sure and I would have given it 5 stars. But, I haven't had a job in 8 months and it's getting difficult to afford my medications and supplements. I've lowered the dose, so the bottle lasts longer but its stil dificult to pay for it each month. Even though, its cheaper than the drug. Damn economy!

blood sugar optimizer

This product is helpful in keeping my blood sugar stable especially if I have a few more carbs than I should have in a day.

I love it

I'm taking this for my high blood sugar. Even on medication with diet and exercise my fasting blood sugar wasn't going any lower than 130. I am on metaformin and didn't want to go in insulin so thought this might help and it has. Now my fasting blood sugar is around 100. Before Blood Sugar OPtimizer, I took 4 other supplements and now I only take this. It's much easier and saves money too.

worth the $$

I tend to get a head ache and nauseated when hungry. This helps keep that from happening. Also decrease in carb craving.

very pleased

I am very pleased with the results I have gotten from using Blood Sugar Optimizer. I was buying a lot of the ingredients in this product individually and now no longer is that necessary. Thank you and I will continue to buy as long as you carry it.

yes, it's good

Keeps my blood sugar in control, better than anything else.

it's utterly amazing!!

since i started taking HFL's sugar optimizer product, my blood sugar readings have been fantastic. This is so amazing, i would recommend this to anyone trying to control blood sugars.

I need a higher dose

For me, taking 2 pills, 3x daily is perfect and keeps everything in the correct range. I've lost weight and have more energy. But, I do go through the bottle kinda fast. But, it's worth it... no more sugar issues and my cholesterol is lower too, so... not sure how or why that happened. But, I'm happy either way =)

Thank you for your feedback. 6 capsules is the maximum and some people need that much, at least initially. And yes, one of the "side-benefits" is improved cholesterol levels too.
Good blend for blood sugar support

At the time, I was taking 3 prescriptions for blood sugar control, and my readings were still too high. I added this product into what I was taking, and that helped to bring my blood sugar back into a good range.

Totally Amazing and Effective

I have very unstable blood sugar and there are times when it doesnt matter how much I eat or what I do I couldnt clear the fuzzy brain or stop feeling crazy hungry. This product totally stabalises my blood sugar its amazing then if I eat sensibly I feel sane!! Which is very useful.

too bad it's not local

Your products work, including Blood Sugar optimizer... but why don't you have distribution here in the Philippines? Shipping takes very long, almost 3 weeks. It would be so much easier if you had distribution in this country and we can buy it at the local store, rather than pay shipping and wait.

Yes, you're right. We are one of the few companies that ships globally, but we currently do not have distribution centers internationally. We are working on it and I'm sorry about the inconvenience.
Excellent help for PCOS-related acne!

I am 40 years old and have suffered acne from PCOS for most of my life. Knowing that insulin resistance is at the root of PCOS, I decided to give Blood Sugar Optimizer a try (taking two capsules three times a day, with food). I was thrilled to see the acne clear completely from my face, and it is nearly 95% gone from my face/chest as well. I started taking Blood Sugar about a year ago, and my skin has been clear, beautiful and healthy ever since. I also have noticed a definite improvement in my ability to stabilise my blood sugar (ie. I don't feel queasy after meals anymore). If I forget to take the capsules for a few days, the acne returns, but it doesn't take long to get things back on track. I am so happy with these results! I only wish I'd known to try this years ago, instead of spending years on the birth control pill to help my skin. Dr. Robbins' Blood Sugar Optimizer is now my 'go-to' for healthy insulin sensitivity and PCOS management.

good control, less fluctuations

I use HFL's Blood Sugar Optimizer as a supplement to control my blood sugar. I am diabetic and take several prescription medicines, but the Blood Sugar Optimizer capsules seem to reduce the fluctuations in my blood sugar levels.

from down under!

The product worked well on my dad, blood sugar test showed a reduction in blood sugar in about a weeks time.

i recommend it to my clients

As a nutritionist who deals with pre-diabetics and diabetics on a regular basis, this formula is like no other. It's unique combination of effective ingredients exceeds any other product of its kind. HFL is always my go-to for herbal formulas that are well-researched and complete.

Does what it promises

My blood sugar numbers are dropping down each day, while using this this product. I'm going to see how much it will improve next month too. But after 22 days, I'm very happy and I stopped taking my other supplements since this product is very complete.

I'm type 2

It's the only natural supplement to help improve my sugar levels, through out the day. Is this extended release? I don't see anything about that...

not sure

It's been 3 days and my glucometer isn't showing any improvements. I'm taking 1 pill, twice daily. Something should improve right away I think, right?...

It's only been 3 days and some people need a higher dose than just 1 pill to see "instant" results. A Glucometer checks blood sugar levels through out a time span. It fluctuates post meal for up to 2 hours. Please be patient, even drugs don't work that quickly unless you are taking insulin injections.


great ingredients

I am a type 2 diabetic, and the herbs in this are listed in natural insulin assistants.

it's effective

As far as I can tell, this is quite helpful at balancing my blood sugars when taken after a meal - I seem to be less tired after eating.

We're glad this is working so well for you. But, it's best to take Blood Sugar Optimizer BEFORE your meals, not after.
very satisfied

we are very satisfied with the product. My husband has diabetes and with this added on to his other natural regimen his daily readingsd are much more excellent that without your product. Thanks for making this available

life time customer

It really does wonders for lowering blood sugar. I have tried so many things and this one is by far the best. Will definitely order again.

it's good

it works. I stopped taking 3 other products and only take blood sugar optimizer now.


tried this after using other products, this product really levels your blood sugar, b/4 it ( blood sugar reading ) was all over the scale. now the blood sugar stays in a smaller range. I use it a couple hours after eating the right foods.

A couple hours AFTER your meal?... really? It's best to take Blood Sugar Optimizer BEFORE your meals, not after.
worked right away

I'm prediabetic and trying to lose weight. This stuff really works, right from the first dose. I can feel a difference, keeps my blood sugar steady so I have more energy and less hunger, ends my tendency to snack.

HyperGlycemia Control

This product seems to reduced my blood sugar by about 5 - 8 points on avergae in the past month that I have been taking it.

very good

This product has worked well for my husband. I am very please with it.

great for health

this product helps with the breakdown of sugar. this product is great for diabetic type one and two. great for kidneys health and pancreas health

tends to work

it works, but make sure you take it with every meal.

have used it for 3-4 years

I have used it for years. If I go without it my insulin levels go bonkers... Really helps with my weight...

diet + blood sugar optimizer

I was having trouble with my diabetes and since I did not want to take medication for it I figured I had nothing to lose. Along with a healthy diet it works for me to keep my blood glucose down to a safe number.

please make the gel cap vegan

I have used this product for years and it works so well but since I found out it contains pork, I can no longer take it.

WHAT?... No pork at all. We use vegetarian capsules. Where or why did you ever think this???
seems good

So far no complaints. This seems to level out blood sugar & keep you from 'bottoming' out later.

All that you need

It lower my glucose level as it has all required supplements to its effect

solid research and it works!!!

For those that want to lower glycemic impact. It contains GTF chromium, which is important as you do not want to use a product with picolinate as there are research papers that show DNA mutation and damage. Despite conflicting research I'd rather not take that risk and instead use polynicotinate, which is found in Blood Sugar Optimizer. The multi-pronged approach to this formulation using cinnamon, gymnema, and bitter melon alongside the important vitamins and minerals, make this formula stand out among its competitors. If you're in tune with your body after eating carb bearing meals you will notice a difference. My glucose tests have shown important improvements and I'm happy about that.

Works but be careful

This is very good for people with improper blood sugar levels but always be careful with this as sometimes it can drive sugar lower than you may need.

Yes, agreed. Always start low and then build up.
3 capsules is enough

I like it, stops me from feeling sleepy after a meal. More energy.

not sure

It's been a week and I really haven't felt anything. My mood is better, but i don't know if or what else is going to happen. I will report back once the bottle is all used up

it's great

I haven't done a blood test yet, so I don't know but I feel so much better. More energy, less cravings - much less sugar cravings, that's for sure. I hope to lose weight with it, since i'm not eating as many sugary foods, can't wait =))